Compared to the last decade, getting a Philippine passport for minors in the country is a cakewalk – so easy that you don’t need to make a day off from work.

With all the required documents, you can complete the whole process for an hour or two, depending on the volume of applicants on the given day. If you are lucky, you can get yours in less than 15 minutes.

The key here is being on time and to take the first hour appointment – this applies to any government offices. Most DFA offices within malls welcome customers at 10am sharp so book a 10am appointment, or sooner.

When to Secure an Online Appointment?

The legal and voting age in the country is 18 years old. By this time, an individual is considered an adult and thus parents’ or legal guardian’s consent to transact in government agencies is waived. In some cases where the applicant is not able to make a sound decision due to an illness or mental condition, the applicant must be accompanied by the parent(s) or legal guardian.

The Philippine government has very specific requirements to getting passports in the country for kids aged between 0 to 7 years old and children aged 8 to 17 years old.

For 0 to 7 years old, they do not need to have an online appointment and are entitled to avail of the courtesy lane when applying for their passport.

For 8 to 17 years old, the requirement is pretty much the same with the adult. They have to secure an appointment online. However, the child can skip the appointment provided that he/she is accompanying a sibling aged 0 to 7 years old who is also applying for a passport.

As compared to the regular passports, the passports issued to the minors are valid for 5 years from the date of issuance only.

Core Requirements for Passport Application

To get started, gather and complete these requirements to get the passport for minors:

  1. Online Appointment

    This only applies to children aged 8 to 17 years of age. To book an appointment, visit You can choose either individual appointment or group appointment on the page.

    Exemption: The appointment is no longer needed if the child applicant accompanies his or her sibling aged 0 to 7 years old who is also applying for a passport. Upon arrival, proceed directly to the courtesy lanes at the DFA office.

  2. Duly accomplished passport application form

    The legal guardian or the parent accompanying the minor must accomplish and sign the application form on their behalf.

    For your convenience, we recommend that you grab a passport application form online, print and get this done before going to the DFA office.

  3. Personal appearance of both the MINOR and either parent or authorized legal companion.

    The applicant is required to appear before the DFA officers for profiling.

    The parent(s) is (are) preferred to accompany the minor during the application process.

    – Either parent is absent during the passport application process
    – Travelling without parent(s)
    – Illegitimate child in custody of the mother
    – Illegitimate child and mother is deceased or absent and father is unknown
    – Minor applicant has undergone the process of domestic adoption
    – Applicant is a foundling and NOT for adoption
    – Applicant has undergone the process of foreign adoption or Inter Country Board (ICAB) adoption process
  4. Philippine Statistics Authority (or formerly NSO) Birth Certificate
  5. The birth certificate must be issued by Philippines Statistics Authority.

    In the event that the certificate is illegible or not clear enough to read, the Local Civil Registrar copy may be required.

    For applicants who has no PSA Birth Certificate yet but are born in the Philippines, the Certified True Copy of the Local Civil Registrar (LCR) Birth Certificate as authenticated by the PSA will suffice. If the applicant is born abroad, the original copy of Report of Birth or first endorsement from the Consular Records Division will do.

  6. Marriage Certificate (applies if only one parent is accompanying the child)

    For children with unmarried parents, the Affidavit of Support and/or Consent must be executed by the mother if she is not accompanying the child during the process.

    If the Affidavit of Support and/or Consent is executed abroad, the affidavit must be authenticated by the Philippine Embassy or Consulate.

  7. Valid Government Issued ID of the Parent or Legal Guardian

    Please refer to this list for the acceptable IDs for passport application.

  8. School ID (if applicable)

The Steps to Apply for the Philippine Passport

  1. Visit. Go to any nearest DFA office. Please note that most DFA satellite offices in malls are open on Saturdays from 10am until 10pm.
  2. Queue. Inform the officer in charge or DFA guard of your appointment. You will be directed to the queue.
  3. Show. Once called, present your documents. Officers are very polite and attentive so do not be afraid to ask about the passport application.
  4. Pay. You will be asked to pay the application fees to the cashier. Best to give the exact amount to avoid any unnecessary delays.
  5. Photo. For minors below 8 years old, it is advised that parents or legal guardians provide assistance to the officer during taking the passport photo. The minor will be profiled and registered to the DFA database.
  6. Wait. By this time, you will be provided a receipt to claim your passport after a couple of days.
  7. Send. You can now ask the DFA office to mail your passport to your home address. To do that, ask for the DFA mail service and pay for the courier fee (LBC).